To both meet HIPAA regulations and comply with improved best-practice standards, all email communication you receive from us containing PHI takes advantage of ZixCorp’s encryption services. ZixCorp's easy-to-use e-messaging protection makes it effortless for you to receive and read any encrypted communications - whether you are a ZixCorp customer or not. The privacy of business communication is important to us and we want to ensure your information stays private.

Retrieving a Secure Email Message

To retrieve your secure email message from your SecureMessage Center:

  1. Click the hyperlink in the email message.

    Note: If your email program does not support active links, cut and paste the link into your browser.

    The Registration page displays with your Email Address filled in.

  2. On the Registration page, enter a Password that complies with the Password Rules shown, re-enter it, then enter a Password Reminder Phrase.

  3. Click Submit Password.

    The SecureMessage Center opens and displays your email message.